Corona on Our Minds

Corona On Our Minds

First thing we read about in the morning these days or hear about from friends and family, is about the fast spreading viral disease; the COVID -19… be it in the form of news, memes or/and random health tips and remedies on social media. This is causing stress and anxiety in all of us in many ways, both personally and professionally.

This is a global situation and is the best time to see ourselves as citizens of the earth rather than our continents / countries / cities. There is STRESS calling out from every part of the world.  The multiple changes in lifestyle, due to the fast spreading disease, are creating huge confusion in most of us causing a sense of uncertainty in our minds about various things like our health, the health of our near and dear ones, our ability to cope and handle changes on personal and work front, fear of losing jobs, children’s schooling (online classes) and many more. These uncertainties are causing enormous anxiety in human arousing panic across the globe.

We have a lot of tips on how to stay physically healthy. On the other hand in this crisis it is equally important to take good care of our psychological / mental well-being. Coping with the anxieties related to the pandemics is crucial and challenging and could be an important aspect to focus on. A few ways that could help us cope are:

  1. Focus on things one can Control: The first thing we can control is our own health. We can evaluate our physical health, check for symptoms and take precautions as per parameters and norms set by WHO and country government; behave responsibly and stay at home and help stop spreading the virus; Control frequency of checking news related to COVID-19: Always remember, the size of news coverage need not be same as actual issue and always know to believe and follow reputable sources and not fall prey to rumors and fake news that causes panic.
  2. Keep the larger picture in mind: This is a global issue: we as individuals are not alone. We can together work ways and motivate one another to overcome and stop the spread. Instead of worrying about new online classes for kids or taking an online training session from work for the first time, let us feel motivated that we have an opportunity for learning new techniques of working, training and academics. It’s always a good thing to learn new methodologies and appreciate technological advancement. 🙂
  3. Focus on thought processes: Most of the places in the world have taken extreme actions of locking down the whole country. Be home, be safe. This means: no entertainment, no outdoors games, no shopping… here comes the need to focus on where our thoughts are flowing. Make sure your thought processes are positive. Keep your self and your mind busy always to avoid negative thoughts and low feeling, an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. A few ways we could keep ourselves positive could be by: Reading positive stories; Revisiting our hobbies that didn’t get time during busy schedules; Watch positive- comedy movies; Talk to friends and family and spend time with people who live with us at home. This way we can be happy and keep others happy too.
  4. Don’t let fear influence decisions: Reading a lot of negative news can induce fear which results in decisions like panic shopping and over stalking of necessary products that might be useful for everyone. This way we might be depriving the needy from the precautionary products hence spreading the illness and global panic even more. God forbid but if we fall sick and are advised to quarantine ourselves, let’s take it as an opportunity to take rest and rejuvenate instead of letting our fear control our decision to escape isolation and run around. This way we will not only be straining ourselves but also be putting 1000s of fellow humans into trouble. Another decisions we need to be careful of making is travelling to our home country if we are abroad: Please remember, even if our loved ones are not with us, both us and them will be much safer being where we are than traveling and risking the chances of being affected. It’s always wiser to calmly and logically think and make decisions.
  5. Virtual Socializing: Social distancing… means being restricted from social activities and avoiding gatherings and parties. This can be really challenging, specially for those who love being around with people. The sudden restrictions can lead to feeling low and gloomy. Well, we can still party! A virtual party, by inviting cousins/ friends/ family for a drink/ hi-tea/ lunch on WhatsApp/ Skype group video call and talk, sing and even dance our hearts out together!!
  6. Spread positivity: Now that we get so much time indoors, there is a lot we can do on social media such as upload personal videos and photos Instagram / Facebook showing how you are spending quality time at home/ with families. Learn, execute and share creative DIY crafts;  or share information that spreads positivity and motivates people to take responsible participation in contributing towards fighting this battle. This way we would be modelling peaceful behavior and giving hope to the world about the positive sides of the situation.

With these few tips on coping with the current crises, we can also learn and take forward the positive changes in life styles during this crisis for a much happier future ahead. Let us hope and pray that we will soon win this battle with these tiny invisible creatures and wish speedy recovery for all those who are infected and affected by the virus.

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