Psychology at Work Today


In today’s life scenario, where the life style, competitions and other external and internal demands on an individual, becomes important to fit into any social set up, a healthy and positive mind is very necessary. Psychology is well needed in every field including education, relationship and marriage, corporate/ industries and clinics.

Psychology at work today is an important department, to keep employees motivated and satisfied to work and perform well. This is not only for the organisational benefits but also for many areas including personal growth and development such as self-confidence, crisis management and problem solving.

Employees spend more than half their day at work and then return to their personal life. Balancing between their personal and professional commitments plays a vital role in maintaining a good physiological, psychological and emotional health.

The article shares pointers from a casual talk with  Anitha, a 28 year old Software Engineer with B.Tech degree, who has has been working in an European based Multi National Company for the last two years (identity and background changed for the article)

What is her experience of balancing personal and professional life?

She says she is more stressed at work than personal life. Sometimes, personal stress can distract her and keeps her from concentrating at work but her work stress does not affect her in her personal life. She never worries about work outside the office. She feels getting right results for her project is a big burden on her. She gets really stressed when she is not able to get a required results and this might affect her performance at work.

How does she cope with the imbalance?

After being suggested, she makes a conscious effort not to be distracted by personal problems at work by scheduling herself with targets for the day and does not allow herself from thinking about her worries. She also tries to go about her projects with a positive attitude that she will be able to reach her set goal for the day before she gets back home. She says she is very successful in her efforts to keep the balance between her personal and professional worries. Although she shared that initially it was difficult to even consciously make efforts in trying to keep the balance between work and life but things have become better with experience and exposure.

What can companies do to help employees maintain the balance?

The HR managers can play an important role in such situations by giving the employees certain space to make independent decisions about their career and life so as to maintain the balance. They can appoint organisational counselors or psychologists to help the employees handle their difficult times in a constructive manner. A supervisor/ manager/ employer can also be given training in being a good mentor for their employees, making them not just good but an effective leader which will improve the quality of the working conditions in the organisation.

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