About Inspiring Learners

Hello! I, Mridula Murthy, am an Organizational Psychologist with an M.Sc. and M.Phil. in I/O Psychology and 6 years of experience in Learning and Development in both corporate as well as academic world.

I strongly believe that when learners are not just engaged but also inspired, organizations and educational institutes observe see real breakthroughs. Inspired learners are far more productive and, are also well motivated to inspire others around them to achieve for greater heights.

I aim to create and deliver Open online classes that result in uplifting and upskilling the learners, through a Learning platform attached to this website. These short courses includes a wide range of topics in the area of functional and behavioral skill development.  In addition to video/ audio recorded lectures, study/reading materials, and assignments, my courses aim to provide an interactive learning experience with discussions forums on social media to support learner interactions.

Through my articles in the blog, ‘Inspiring Learners’, I aim to spread the tone of Openness, ownership, and responsibilities among learners in every level to learn and progress with a Growth Mindset.

Hoping that you thoroughly enjoy and find it truly insightful in your never-ending journey of learning! 😊

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