A clean surrounding; A clear mind


For a clear and healthy mind it is important for your surroundings to be clean and hygienic. A number of research findings suggest that environmental cleanliness plays a key role in mental health and wellbeing. A clean environment not only means a hygienic environment without pollution but also indicates one’s own lifestyle.  An organized and tidy space at home and work would lead a mind a positive and growth mode even when one fails to achieve set goal leading to significant enhancement self-confidence when compared to an individual living in a cluttered environment.

People who have trouble with clutter often:

  1. Struggle with managing time and leave tasks incomplete 
  2. Have ‘starting troubles’ in case of challenging tasks and changes  
  3. Are easily distracted and lack focus and motivation
  4. Spend a lot of time doing things with others and demotivated to work individually
  5. Have tendencies of procrastination

Negative Impact of clutter and mess on the mind:

Research evidences prove that disorganized surroundings tend to impact human mind in an unhealthy way, making it challenging the mind to be organized and prioritize multiple tasks. This would lead an individual to low self-esteem and feeling of low sense of accomplishment.

  • Clutter leads to depression and fatigue: A lot of times we may have experienced feeling low and confused about certain feelings and thoughts. Research indicate that people who describe their homes and work spaces to be messy and disorganized have more tendency to be depressed and fatigued when compared to those who have been observed to be organized and neat with keeping/ arranging their belongings  
  • Clutter leads to confusion and lack of focus: No matter how clean and green the environment is around one’s house/ office if one fails to keep their surroundings (inside their home/work space) clean having clutter everywhere, the individual may not have a clear and focused mind. Clutter and mess create more anxiety, stress and confusion but by cleaning, organizing, and clearing the physical clutter, one will be able to take control of their environment both externally and internally and create a more relaxed surrounding that enables them to be better focused on issues and priorities at work and life.

Benefits of Cleaning and Decluttering on the mind: 

Research has found that cleaning and being organized have showed significant positive effects on mental wellbeing. For instance, it helps in attaining a sense of control over environment and engage oneself mentally in positive activities that can have a constructive effect on the mind. 

  • Cleaning Leads to better Physical Health: Research suggest that people exposed to cleaner houses and surroundings tend to be healthier than those with messy or cluttered environment. Clean and decluttered surroundings can lower the risks of asthma and allergies leading to a heathy lifestyle that follows a healthy state of mind. 
  • Gain Control on your inner environment: Mental health researchers have found that in times of high fatigues, trauma and stress, people tend to exhibit cleaning and organizing as a part of their natural coping instincts because it gives them a sense of control during a challenging time.
  • Better relationships (with self and others): Conflict often occurs when one can’t control one’s own environment causing confusion and disorganization in thoughts and feelings. Once the external surroundings are organized, it gives way for inner thoughts and feelings to be sorted, making the individual open to let go of negativity and forgive (self and others) reducing inter and intra personal conflicts.

Tips Cleaning and Decluttering: 

Mind-map Created by Mridula Murthy

There could be times when one may still find it hard to stay focused and motivated despite trying to tidy up and get organized. In those cases one may need to have other techniques and tools that can help in destressing and unwinding which could include seeking professional help.

Hoping that this write-up has been successful in lifting your mood to start with a small step toward organizing and cleaning your physical and inner environment!

4 thoughts on “A clean surrounding; A clear mind”

  1. Perfectly said!!! Its very important to declutter physical surroundings to have a healthy mind and thus attract po sitive energy towards you.nice write up Mridu.

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  2. A very relevant article because I think it’s such an understated area. I think most people who do keep a tidy/organised workplace do it out of habit and I think the process of cleaning and organising can be so therapeutic if done mindfully like making tea for example.

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