Set Your Mind To Keep Learning

Learning is a life – long and non – stop process. There is no right way, time and place for learning. It is something that keeps happening everywhere and every time. Being open to this idea will help us attract a lot of messages from the environment that is useful for us to thrive towards perfection and innovation.

As children we are always taught to keep trying to succeed by being given the example of a spider building its web and as we grow we come under the pressure of competition, scoring well in exams where we should be able to learn so much in a limited amount of time and end up learning only to pass an exam or to get a rank. After a point, young learners start associating learning with results that are restricted to scores, points and marks; after passing out of school, learning would be associated with getting selected in a job and to get promoted to next level – again connected with scores, points and performance.

Performance need not always be in a professional learning scenario. One can learn to perform as a good human being in general, a good person in the roles played in relationships (parents, daughters/sons, spouses, teachers, students, bosses etc.). Or why can’t learning be just to enhance knowledge about the world and all the wonderful things happening in it.

I have come across people who always learning like it’s their passion. One of them was my grandfather, who we call called ‘the walking and talking encyclopaedia of the family’ always kept himself active and busy reading. He was well equipped with knowledge in any field, be it science, literature, medicine, spirituality, mythology etc, starting from their history to current trends. When we had any doubt about anything, he would be the first option to approach to gain some information… yes even before Google. He would read so passionately and suggests books for us as well to read.

On the other-hand I have also come across people who look at learning and take suggestions defensively. I have had teachers who perceived our doubts and questions as an offense and would ask us why we are ‘testing their knowledge’. The first step to being open to learning (self – learning and suggestions from others) is to accept that we all are humans and are not perfect. One irrespective of their qualification and professional position would not have full command over their areas without constant learning, updating and preparation.

Updating oneself with knowledge would always not mean learning something which is totally new, it could also be updating the advancement and new versions/editions of concepts already known. Every theory, technique, methodology, astatic presentably, etc. evolve with growing generation and technology. Keeping in touch with these advancements has become a part of being competent to evolve and develop in both personal and professional life.

We have so much to learn from the environment around. For instance, when we are with animals and babies – we can learn so many things such as: how to love unconditionally; to observe everything around and to learn from that observation; to be happy and excited with the littlest things around and most importantly enjoy every moment and grow, evolve and develop.

So, let’s all keep our minds and all our senses open to opportunities to learn to be a better people both personality and professionally and happy learning 😊

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