Innovate your work

In today’s work scenario, one’s role demands a lot of creativity and innovation irrespective of their field of work. One can make a good name and climb a ladder in their profession based on how original and ‘out of the box’ they think in their work. Many of us find it challenging to keep up to the expectation although there are ways where one can follow to make it easy to maintain innovation.

One of the ways is to trust one’s own ideas and put them down which can be later organised and worked upon based on the feasibility and affordability. It would be best for one to not worry about the result and feel free to think. A better way of planning to execute one’s ideas is to think, “I can get this done, if… (criteria)” rather than thinking “I can’t get this done because… (conditions)”.

Another way is to not stress oneself and to love the work one does. Once there is love and passion for the work and no pressure, there is more openness to think creatively and innovate new ideas that would be helpful for the self, organisation and the society.

I, personally being in a field which requires a lot of creativity, know how important it is to trust one’s own ideas. Keeping one’s ears and eyes open to observe and listen to get more ideas could work as an opportunity to create something that can practically contribute. Reading about innovative practices and work happening in the world can also work as a motivation for one to create. This also gives an idea to the creator/ learner about the latest trends that need innovation and inspire one to contribute in the same.

There are quite a few organisations (such as the one where I work), where every original work, irrespective of being small or big is appreciated and considered as a contribution towards development of self as well as the organisation. It is always the best to make use of such encouraging work environment and find ways to freely think, create and contribute.

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